New  440 CD "Yo-ki Swing" is released!  (Oct. 2019)

Tomoko Iwamoto, violin / Mark Chenevert, clarinet / Jack Soref, guitar / Sven Larson, bass

All original tunes: The title tune "Yo-ki Swing" (Yo-ki means joy and mirth in Japanese) is a Klezmer influenced toe-tapping gypsy jazz tune, while "Bean Town", in swing band style, is about our beautiful town Boston, Massachusetts. "Painted Lady", in musette style waltz, is about the white and black dotted orange butterfly, Vanessa Cardui. "Haboob" features percussion and chimes capturing a violent wind blowing in summer. "Lucky Seven" is a main stream jazz tune written with just 7 chords and "Endless Stream" is a sentimental bossa nova tune. You will hear a little bit of Beethoven in "Moody's Waltz" and imagine a traveling gypsy caravan in "Gypsy Descent"....

Digital download is available via CDBaby:

Willie Loco Alexander and the Fishtones - "Aqua Vega"

Boston Hassle, March 2019
"...Every track on Aqua Vega sounds like a dark, industrial flashback to the 50’s.  Something was wrong with the time machine, perhaps, and things are looking a little warped. Alexander, himself a member of the old guard of rock n rollers, grew up with a steady diet of Little Richard and Fats Domino, and Alexander hasn’t chosen to leave them behind. There’s evidence of that influence in Mark Chenevert’s tenor sax laced throughout 'Bud’s Twilight Lounge.' It twirls and warbles while the faceless, eyeless voice of Alexander growls, 'je suis confit, je suis confit.'  Then the drums kick up and Chenevert’s sax is a warning that goes unheeded, and fades to black."


Willie Loco, Randy Black, and Mark Chenevert at Third Life Studio, Somerville

Boston Groupie News, April 23, 2018

"Mark Chenevert has a grasp of multiple music genres and disciplines as well. He’s with Willie the whole way and even pushing things further with an eastern scale that Willie wouldn’t dare go near and leading the dynamics of the songs when he wanted. He added another layer to Randy’s set also. Things are simply better with Mark in the mix. No mystery why he’s the go to guy in these situations."

Live at the Rat Suite CD and DVD celebration

with Willie Alexander 

Boston Groupie News, November 20, 2017

Willie Alexander's Persistence of Memory Orchestra

July 28, 2017 at Gloucester Meeting House

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